This webpage is designed to provide a space for trends in sports pointing to the ability of performing movements of the human body in new combinations or for new applications. Actually, a way to interact naturally and freely with the environment of the executing sportsmen/women shall be shown and a way to deal with various situations shall be shown. This way analogous to an individual way in the martial arts is called “the art of movement”. The principles behind the leading slogan “master your movement” are presented. How an individual way of movement can be found and developed will be explained in principle on this webpage. There wont be any tutorials for certain moves, since there are numerous available in the net. The focus is on the combination of moves out of different kind of sports, as climbing, parkour and the martial arts. The content on this page will mainly show the mentioned principles at the cases of practical examples performed by the members shown under the team icon.


Mainly the moves leading to the sequence shown in a video are taught in convenient sports. Since longer runs containing all of the mentioned techniques can hardly be found and even more rarely banned on video, we divide the page in categories. Firstly, convenient sports like athletics, running and swimming should be considered and form the basis of everything. Furthermore and besides this, new ways of moving were developed in the last years or became, beside of a few practicing, to real trend sports. Here, more advanced and complicated techniques can be found. For the latter, the ways of movement developed in climbing are mentioned. Furthermore, there is the trendy sport called parkour, that was developed in the recent years by a group called Yamakasi in Lisse (France) and became famous through David Belle. The techniques of parkour or free running allow to overcome the various obstacles in urban environments. In addition to that, there are the very complex ways of movement of the martial arts that might be several hundreds of years old and can still attract a big amount of people. In summary we are faced with the actual demand of being able to adapt our moves to any possibly appearing obstacle or problem. Therefore, it seems to be necessary to develop an individually applicable variety of movements out of the mentioned support. So by training in these types of sports, we can find a set of moves and make our set more complete, so that we are able to deal with the various problems. In analogy to the martial arts, we call this “the art of movement”. To this process of development, this page should provide a forum and our contribution. Out of reasons of interest and more complex problems due to handling, we found a category weapons play. Finally, we also give some advise on nutrition and equipment.


In the present, in the martial arts the eye was, globally seen, on developing a new summarizing martial way out of the variety of traditional martial arts. Here, the way of movement or the art of movement should be summarized out of the variety of different moves in all kinds of sports. Probably this target cannot be achieved. But a new way is shown up to all sports inspired people. Leading away from the traditional form of sports where the only goal is to perfect a certain movement or to become the hundreds of a second better than anyone else.  In fact, the goal usually is to be able to perform this single move always faster and to become the fastest. To many people this is boring or they simply do not have the possibilities to compete with the best. Therefore, the perspective of success gets lost. The goal should be to enhance his own abilities and to push his own limits further. Therefore, success is achieved not measured in parts of a second. It is estimated in the own feeling of being able to do a new movement, to overcome an obstacle or to have developed in his own physical abilities. Since this range is often very limited and a executioner of a certain sports cannot achieve the next level of movement, he might not be successful from a certain point onward, while in another types of sports his skills could be developed so that he might reach his goals. Here, a possibility and a forum should be provided, how one can find his own way of movement and an own art of movement one likes to perform. Success then can be achieved by developing something new, appropriate for oneself and not thought in the sports practiced so far. Therefore, mainly final results will be presented as examples for individual combinations of moves that were developed out of such a process.

Since many of us come from the martial arts, we are closely related to the ideas of Bruce Lee. His intention was to form a new martial art, called Jeet Kune Do, developed out of the traditional martial arts. At his death, this process was not finished, since he only studied the common martial arts, like Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, Karate, Fencing and so on. Many of the numerous martial arts have developed locally and the style became what it is nowadays out of the reasons set up by the existing weapon technology in the corresponding ancient years. On a global market the need for an efficient martial art concerning the pros and cons of all is necessary and wanted. Therefore, modern systems have developed like the mixed martial arts, Krav Maga and SYSTEMA. As already written, this process is still ongoing and probably lasts for a long while until all the ways are studied provided by the different martial arts. Perhaps it never ends, since everybody might have a different opinion about what is necessary or useful. Many people with deeper knowledge of the martial ways are into this business. Therefore, we will not give any advise in this topic. Nevertheless, we show some martial arts on this page and probably you will figure out that it is mixed. Like most fighter in the modern martial arts we have developed our own way in the art of movement. This latter aspect of moving in the environments we might face is in the foreground. Nevertheless, almost any technique we show can be found in a traditional martial art.

The main goal of this website is to bring a similar process as in the martial arts to live in the art of movement. There are traceurs, martial artists, boulderer, tricker and many more. All of them have something in common, they move in their given environment and want to move as freely as possible. For most of them it is necessary to be a highly physical educated sportsmen until, they can teach their body the moves convenient in their sports. When they have reached a mastership often years of hard practice are past. This relies in the fact that they are able to start to develop the motorics and the intermuscular coordination needed for the next technique after they gained the necessary endurance and strength education. Until this is the case, often years go by without a real increase in the complexity of motorics or movement. (Of course the automatization of the technique is a big point, especially in the martial arts.) In another, related sports, they could have developed a lot of basics in the same time. Therefore, there is an increase in skills and abilities and therefore the feeling of success. At least, this is the experience after years of different types of training. Therefore, a platform shall be provided on that all this is summarized. This should enable that everyone can find his own way of movement, by learning certain of this moves out of the variety of the moves common in the mentioned sports in order to be able to develop his/her skills continuously and to be able to move freely in his/her environment. Exemplarily, ways of movement out of the existing variety are shown, so that it might be possible to learn from them and in order to get some kind of creative input. Furthermore, it might allow to estimate the degree of difficulty and to set them together after a building block principle following each own ones interest and needs. This is the ultimate goal of this webpage, that we probably will not be able to reach.

These are the ideas driving us in the last years. We are at the beginning of this process and simply a part of it. We will not be able to find a final answer. But we want to show what we have done so far. Therefore, our practice was not a waste of time and can be shown to other people, following the principles of “master your movement”. So our contributions to the mentioned processes can be found here, we hope they are at least entertaining.